Unsupervised toddler crossing road nearly hit by car, carried to safety by kind passer-by

An unsupervised toddler who was almost hit by a car after suddenly running across the road was saved thanks to a helpful passing pedestrian. 

The incident happened at a traffic junction in front of Block 30 Woodlands Avenue 1 on Monday (April 9) at around 4.30pm, reports Shin Min Daily News.

A video of the incident was uploaded onto Roads.sg's Facebook page, by user Tracy Ong. 

As seen in the footage, Ms Ong who had stopped her vehicle in front of the traffic junction suddenly lets out a cry, before sounding her horn several times. 

A few seconds later, a barefooted toddler wearing a diaper runs unsteadily across the road. 

An oncoming silver car slows down to avoid hitting the toddler, while a pedestrian in blue quickly runs forward to carry the toddler to safety.

The passer-by then sets the toddler down at a traffic island and looks around, seemingly searching for the child’s parents. 

Wrote Ms Ong:

“When I stopped at (the) junction, I only saw the kid alone pressing the pedestrian light.

“I felt something was wrong. The driver beside me and I sounded our horns to warn other road users.

“Thank goodness a man grabbed the kid to safety.” 

The video has irked many netizens who felt the child’s parents were wholly irresponsible.

Wrote a Facebook user:

“Where the shit are the parents. Someone should report this to social welfare. 

“In the US or Europe, the parents would have even arrested for child neglect.”

Said another netizen:

“This is very very irresponsible and insane...”

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