Unicorn Frappe? Nah, Starbucks baristas at Orchard Point can make even yummier 'Merlion Frappuccino'

Submitted by Stomper Moritz

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Social media is abuzz with Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino, newly released in America, Canada and Mexico for a limited time.

However, besides giving baristas a lot of grief due to how challenging it is to make, the drink also reportedly does not taste outstanding and is said to resemble a sweet vanilla bean drink.

In addition, Buzzfeed journalists who tried the beverage said that it would require "some heavy filtering before hitting the Insta", suggesting that it looks ordinary in real life too.

But fret not, because Singapore might just have something better: The Merlion Frappuccinno, aka a tropical version of the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Stomper Moritz, who has lived in Singapore for seven years, visited the Starbucks outlet at Orchard Point on Apr 21 and said he wanted to "try his luck" in getting the Unicorn drink here.

Moritz, owner of travel page @thejetsets on Instagram and Facebook, requested that baristas make him something that resembles the real deal as much as possible.

Although seemingly daunted by the unusual request at first, barista @runmar_mxttz decided to give it a shot, with help from his colleagues @yuuurikaaa and @zoohairawr.

The finished product, which Moritz has dubbed the Merlion Frappuccino, comes in gorgeous sunset shades of orange, pink and purple. And unlike its Unicorn counterpart, it looks awesome on video.

According to Moritz, the ingredients -- consisting of mango and strawberry -- were put together by the three baristas on the spot.

Another factor that gives the Merlion Frappuccino an edge would also be its taste, judging by how the Stomper went, "Wah!" when he first took a sip of it.

"It's good, you should sell it!" he told the baristas, letting @runmar_mxttz have a taste of the latter's own creation as well.

Moritz told Stomp, "It tasted amazing and refreshing -- on the sweeter side -- everyone actually enjoyed it."

A big thumbs up to the three baristas for being such good sports about Moritz's request, unlike in other parts of the world where Starbucks employees have been complaining on social media about the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Well, everyone might want a Merlion Frappuccino after this video and we are not stopping you from getting it, but let's spare a thought for our local baristas too when making complicated orders.

Be patient, be polite, and if possible, provide a recipe if you want something that is not on the official menu.