'Uncultured' Mercedes driver took away parking space from Stomper at HarbourFront

Submitted by Stomper KK

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Looking for a place to park at popular locations can be a frustrating experience, especially on weekends.

A woman was waiting for a parking space at HarbourFront Centre when a Mercedes-Benz drove in and took the slot she was waiting for. 

Stomper KK recounted what happened on Saturday (June 25).

"I was patiently waiting for the family with small kids to the car. The uncultured driver from the SJE1868L just took away the slot without feeling shameful despite that I sounded a horn to remind them I was waiting for the slot before them," she said.

"I feel shocked if society is getting so sick that we have such uncultured people around who love to cut queue."

In the dash cam videos she shared, the Stomper is waiting for a car to leave so that she could take its parking space. But before the car leaves, the Mercedes stops in front of her, blocking her way. After the car leaves, the Mercedes moves forward and reverses into the slot, taking it away from her.

Is this right?