Uncle with a death wish walks against traffic on first lane of PIE

An elderly man was caught on camera walking against the flow of traffic on the Pan Island Expressway.

According to the timestamp and caption of a video of what happened posted on ROADS.sg, the incident took place on Oct 26 at 4.55pm near Jalan Bahar.

In the video, the man who was clad in a polo T-shirt and shorts can be seen walking on the right-most lane of the road at around the 8-second mark.

The driver who recorded the video swerved the vehicle slightly to the left as he or she passed by the man to minimise the chances of an accident.

It is unclear how the reckless pedestrian ended up walking on the expressway.

Read a caption on the video:

"This is an extremely dangerous act. We hope this man managed to get off the expressway safely."