Uncle scolds man at Bugis Junction supermarket: "When I was your age, I was 100x more handsome than you"

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An uncle was seen yelling at a young man at Cold Storage supermarket in Bugis Junction yesterday afternoon (Sep 18), though the dispute was more funny than heated.

Stomper Poor Man witnessed the scene at around 5pm and took a video of the incident.

The argument appeared to have started because the uncle was upset with how long the young guy took at the cashier.

Although the young man tried to explain himself, the uncle continued shouting at him and went on a rather amusing tirade.

Poor Man said: "The young man did apologise but the old man was relentless in his insults."

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Here are some memorable quotes from the uncle:

"You think I was never young like you is it?

 "When I was your age, I was 100 times more handsome than you ah!"

"You do your shopping, you queue up, you go."

You chicken!

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