E-bike uncle beats red light and hogs lane -- then gives driver 'death stares'

An uncle on an e-bike beat a red light and hogged a road lane along Sims avenue, and still had the cheek to give a driver the death stare as well as rude gestures.

According to a video of the incident posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, the incident took place on Jun 10 at around 1pm.

In the video, the uncle can first be seen riding across a traffic junction when the lights were not in his favour. The driver who recorded the video had to stop to give way to him.

Thereafter, the uncle for some reason turned around, stared at, and gestured at the driver even though he was in the wrong.

He then rode in the middle of the first lane when he should be riding at the side of the road, slowing down traffic.

In the later part of the video, he can be seen staring and gesturing once more at the driver who was behind him.

The e-biker beat a red light again at another traffic junction before the video ends, and rode towards Geylang.