Uncle, if you want to smoke, please do it away from the bus stop

Submitted by Stomper Kino

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Stomper Kino was annoyed by two smokers smoking at the bus stop near Block 47 Bedok North Road.

From the video, the man sitting at the bus stop could be seen holding a lighted cigarette along with another man who was standing slightly further away.

The man who was standing further away was blowing smoke out of his mouth.

The Stomper told Stomp, "The smokers were smoking very close to me, especially the guy who was sitting next to me."

He also called the act 'inconsiderate' and added that "they don't care about other people's health".

"I hope the National Environment Agency (NEA) will look into this."

It is an offence to smoke within a 5 metre radius of a bus stop. Anyone found smoking within the 5 metre radius of a bus stop can receive a fine of up to $1,000.