Uncle gives away free ice cream to 1,000 customers to celebrate his 72nd birthday

To celebrate his 72nd birthday, ice cream vendor Jimmy Teng gave free ice cream to 1,000 customers. 

Mr Teng, more affectionally known to customers as Uncle Jimmy, has been selling ice cream outside the ICA Building near Lavender MRT Station for the past 12 years.

This year also marks the third consecutive year that he has given out ice cream on his birthday.

The giveaway started on Thursday (March 22) at about 1pm, attracting a snaking queue. 

Some customers came specifically to show support for Mr Teng, while others said that they had been unaware that the vendor was giving away ice cream until told by Mr Teng that ice cream would not be sold today, only given.

Mr Teng told Shin Min Daily News that his daughter has asked him for dinner to celebrate his birthday, but he wanted to share the joy with his others, so he still went to work first.

He said:

“I feel the happiest here, so I decided to spend my birthday this way.”

According to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Teng’s wife had passed away three years ago.

His ‘godson’ who helped him with his business also passed away after an illness. 

The two deaths led Mr Teng to realise that life is short and full of uncertainties. 

As such, he hopes to share his joy with others, as much as he can. 

Reporters visited the scene and spoke to several customers. 

A customer, Mr Chen, 25, said:

“His actions enrich the lives of others every day.”

Another customer even gave Mr Teng a ‘birthday gift’ — a drink and snacks.

A group of teenagers sang a birthday song for Mr Teng to commemorate the occasion.