Uncle blocks bus and bangs on its door at Clarke Quay, gestures for it to come at him

Submitted by Stomper Wani

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Wani was at the bus stop of Clarke Quay MRT Station exit E at 10.40pm on Aug 18 when she saw a man refusing to let a bus leave due to unknown reasons.

In a video Wani shared, the man is seen standing in front of the bus after whipping out his phone.

He then appears to record the bus driver with it, while seemingly gesturing for the latter to come at him.

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Wani said: "The man was banging on the door of bus service 2.

"I was walking out of a store near the bus stop when I heard loud banging. 

"He stood in front of the bus when it wanted to drive away. He seemed to be mad at the driver for some unknown reason.

"A couple passing by tried to ask him what happened but he was too furious and couldn't calm down.

"The man was there for at least five minutes but my bus arrived so I left."

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