Commuter grossed out by 'uncivilised turd' who rubbed foot and left skin flakes on bus seat

Submitted by Stomper Kenneth

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Sick and tired of people putting their feet up on bus seats?

It could be worse, as Stomper Kenneth found out recently.

Kenneth was appalled to see a commuter rubbing his feet and peeling his skin on bus service 80 on Sunday (Dec 4), at around 12.50pm.

He said: "I would like to share an uncivilised and disgusting act that I captured on my phone.

"A youth with dyed hair not only put his feet on the bus seat, but was also seen peeling and rubbing his right foot with his fingers.

"I took photos of his behaviour and the skin flakes that were left behind by him on the bus seat. He saw me taking pictures of him but still continued with his disgusting actions.

"It was a seriously disgusting sight and I hope to publicise this and shame this uncivilised turd."

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