Ulu Pandan residents thrilled to receive free cups of chilled black soya milk from Mr Bean

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A Mr Bean food truck was spotted near Ulu Pandan Community Centre at around 10.30am yesterday (Jun 10) where free cups of black soya milk were handed out to the residents there.

Stomper Anonymous said she was walking around the neighbourhood when she chanced upon this white truck with black polka dots.

She said that the event lasted about two hours, and was apparently to celebrate Mr Bean's 23rd anniversary as well as to give out food to the needy families staying there.

In a video and a photo shared by the Stomper, people of all ages are seen queueing as they waited for their turn in front of the food truck.

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She said: "The residents were greeted with chilled cups of black soya milk."

"The Mr Bean mascot was also seen joining in the fun to interact with the crowd.

"Everyone left with big smiles on their faces."