Twitter user's message for cute guy whom she made eye contact with at Jewel's Shake Shack

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A girl has taken to Twitter in search of the cute guy who caught her eye at Jewel Changi Airport last Thursday (Dec 19).

Appealing for the Twitter community to "do your magic", she wrote in a Dec 22 post that the guy had been in front of her when they were in the queue for Shake Shack.

The object of her affections was wearing a white shirt, greyish jeans and a black bracelet or watch.

Identifying herself as "the girl in red", the Twitter user said: "Just here to say u cute af we made eye contact several times!"

Her tweet, which a Stomper alerted Stomp to, was accompanied by a meme that had the caption: "I don't deserve to breath the same air as such perfection."

Unfortunately, her account and tweet appears to be no longer available as of Tuesday (Dec 24).

But are you the one?

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