Twin sisters crash wedding banquet and take couple's suitcase, caught red-handed by newlyweds

A pair of identical twin sisters crashed a wedding banquet and ate for free, even taking a suitcase belonging to the newlyweds, but were caught red-handed by the couple while trying to leave. 

The twins, both aged 30, are Kang Peiyi and Kang Peiying. 

Both pleaded guilty to theft in court on Tuesday (June 26), and their sentences will be delivered on July 5, reports Shin Min Daily News

The two crashed a wedding banquet which was held at Shin Yeh Restaurant in Liang Court shopping mall at about 6pm on November 19, 2017. 

The two not only dined for free but even lined up with the rest of the guests to greet the newlyweds after the banquet ended at about 9.30pm.

As Peiyi was passing by the reception desk, she approached one of the groomsmen.

She claimed that she was a “friend” to the couple and had been tasked with retrieving a suitcase for them. 

The suitcase had been placed under the desk and the unsuspecting groomsman handed it over. 

The sisters then left the restaurant.  

The court heard that the couple later found out from the groomsman that a “friend" had taken their suitcase just as they were about to leave the restaurant. 

The three of them realised that the suitcase had been stolen. 

Friends of the couple later met the twins at a taxi stand nearby, and the couple rushed down to confront the two. 

The sisters lied that they had found the suitcase and attempted to board a cab to leave, but were stopped by the groom. 

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