True Fitness members in Malaysia still being charged fees even as gyms close nationwide

Many enraged members have filed police reports after True Fitness abruptly closed all of its gyms in Malaysia on Jun 9 — while continuing charge them for the membership.

A Facebook group, ‘True Fitness Complaint’ was set up, allowing members to update and share information on the matter, reports World of Buzz.

Over 2000 have joined thus far.
A member said that he had joined the gym last year as a lifetime member and forked out RM8,000 for the membership.

Another netizen wrote:

“My brother and I have been lifetime members since 2014, and we paid RM8,000 each through credit card instalments.”

According to the many complaints listed in the group, many are still being charged for membership fees on their credit cards, and that the banks would not take any action until investigations from their side are completed.

A frustrated victim, 52-year-old Vincent Goh said:

“Their standard reply is ‘that (matter) is between you and the vendor, and we (bank) have already paid the vendor’.”

Amidst rumours of members being able to transfer their membership to Chi Fitness, the company has released an official statement on its Facebook page:

“In light of the recent True Fitness closure, we (CHi Fitness) would like to clarify that we have no contract or arrangement to honour or take over any commitment from True Fitness. 

“True Fitness has approached CHi Fitness to purchase 2,000 monthly passes to CHi gyms in Klang Valley (except Nexus and Bangsar Shopping Center branches) to be passed on to their members. 

“As of now, we have not finalised the sale.”