Truck collides into car, sends it spinning and crashing into road divider at Punggol junction

Submitted by Stomper Ben

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A car and a truck were involved in an accident at Punggol Central towards Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1 on Saturday afternoon (Jan 30).

Stomper Ben alerted Stomp to the incident and shared a video of the collision.

"I was at the junction outside Waterway Point in Punggol when I witnessed a truck colliding with a car," he said.

"The collision caused the car to spin and crash through the central road divider barrier.

"Hopefully the footage will help in the investigation."

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to the accident at 2.31pm.

"No injuries were reported," a police spokesman said.

Police investigations are ongoing.