Troop of monkeys use overhead bridge to cross PIE

Submitted by Stomper Alvin

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Why did the monkeys cross the road?

To get an education, perhaps?

Stomper Alvin shared with Stomp a video of a troop of monkeys crossing an overhead bridge along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) towards Catholic Junior College (CJC) on Wednesday (Jan 18) at 10am.

Alvin said: "Monkey troopers at the Old Police Academy crossed the bridge to CJC along the PIE."

It's not the first time the Stomper has spotted monkeys that have figured out the best (and safest) way to cross a busy expressway.

On Jan 10, he spotted one monkey heading towards Rifle Range Nature Park.

"I took the video behind Beauty World Centre," he said.

"The bridge leads to the new Rifle Range Nature Park."