Trio won't think it's cool riding 1 PMD together on the road when an accident happens

Three youths were seen riding one personal mobility device (PMD) along a road and it's pretty much an accident waiting to happen.

Facebook page SG Road Vigilante - SGRV posted photos of the incident on Sunday (Sep 1), though it is unclear when and where exactly it happened.

The post was accompanied with the caption: "Way better than buying a motorbike. No need COE, Insurance, Parking. Best of all no need a license to ride on the road. Now can even threesome!"

The three youths, who can be seen seated on a PMD amidst traffic, have been slammed for their reckless behaviour.

Netizens are also calling for enforcement action to be taken against the youths, who do not appear to have any safety gear on as well.

One user commented: "The three stooges, Singapore version."

Another joked: "High level bromance."