Tree falls and blocks traffic near Geylang Polyclinic due to heavy bout of rain

Submitted by Stomper Fauzil, Vincent

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A tree that had fallen near Geylang Polyclinic caused a traffic jam stretching all the way to the Punggol Road exit during the heavy downpour this morning. (Nov 14)

According to Stomper Fauzil, the tree had knocked over a lamp post which blocked multiple lanes of traffic, resulting in a traffic jam.

In a tweet at 7.08am, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) urged motorists to avoid lanes 2 and 3.

In a video by The Straits Times, larger vehicles such as buses were unable to pass through due the fallen lamp post that the tree had knocked over.

Vehicles of a lower height such as cars were able to pass through the right most lane.

The morning downpour had also uprooted trees across the island.

At around 4.30am, Stomper Vincent saw a tree that had fallen over at the carpark at Block 603 Bedok Reservoir.

He told Stomp, "In my area, the trees are getting old already. The branches fall off sometimes."

In the photos that he sent, the fallen tree had damaged several cars. One-close up photo also shows that a white car was dented.

Another Stomper also came across a fallen tree at Circuit Road at around 5.15am.

The Stomper added that police had arrived later and workers could be seen removing the fallen tree.