Tree falls across jogging path near Upp Peirce Reservoir: 'I would have been hit if I was 30s faster'

Submitted by Stomper Vincent

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Stomper Vincent was on his routine jog on Wednesday evening (Dec 4) when a large tree got uprooted and fell right in front of him.

Vincent said the incident occurred along the Old Upper Thomson Road park connector linked to Upper Peirce Reservoir at around 7.40pm.

Recounting the incident, he told Stomp: "I had jogged all the way to after the entrance gate of the reservoir and made a U-turn to jog back.

"On the way back, a motorcyclist went past me and smiled.

"I jogged further, only to see something falling and blocking the road from a distance.

"I went to take a look and realised it was a tree. It was two to three metres tall."

A video taken by Vincent shows him calling out to ask if anyone was trapped under the tree and needed help as he was worried about the motorcyclist.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The Stomper, who called NParks to inform them about the incident, added: "Thankfully, the motorcyclist missed the tree's collapse.

"If I had been 30 seconds faster, I would have gotten hit by the tree too.

"I can’t say that I didn’t anticipate this because the trees here are really old. Every time I jog past, I worry that something like this might happen."

Stomp has contacted NParks for more info.

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