Tree breaks bamboo pole holders at Bedok North HDB before falling onto ground

Submitted by Stomper Lee

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A tree broke bamboo pole holders at Block 76 Bedok North Road before it fell onto the ground at about 2am on Wednesday (Dec 4).

Stomper Lee who lives in a seventh-floor unit at Block 77, was on his computer at the time when he heard something that sounded like thunder.

He walked towards his kitchen and noticed that a tree had fallen onto the ground when he looked out a window.

He contributed photos of what he saw and told Stomp: "The tree had broken bamboo pole holders off the wall of a second-floor unit and a third-floor unit.

"I then tried to fall asleep but at about 4am, I heard some sawing sounds.

"It wasn't raining then but I could hear the wind blowing very strongly.

"I left the house at about 8am today (Dec 4) and saw that tree was still there.

"Only the top portion of the tree was cut off because it was blocking the pathway."

Stomp has reached out to East Coast - Fengshan Town Council for more information.