Tree bark, stone, or 'dragon turtle'? Strange shape at tree in Punggol puzzles passer-by

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Stomper Lau Lup was puzzled by the sight of a strange shape that he felt resembled a mythical Chinese 'dragon turtle' at the foot of a tree at Punggol Point Park on Saturday (June 3).

On closer inspection, the Stomper realised that the shape was covered by multiple brittle star-shaped objects.

Said Lau Lup:

"I believe the object was lifted out of the water when it was tangled by fishing lines.

"Just wondering why the previous owner had to throw away such an auspicious creature into the sea?

"Is this loose tree bark or a piece of rock?

"Nah...this is an auspicious fengshui item depicting a mythical creature known as 龙龟 or dragon tortoise."