Transformer's iconic Bumblebee poses with fans at People's Park Complex

Submitted by Stomper Low

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Transformer's iconic Bumblebee was spotted posing with fans at People's Park Complex last Sunday (Apr 29).

In the video provided by Stomper Low, it showed the robot standing in the middle of the open space at People's Park Complex, and a large crowd had gathered around it. 

Several people could be seen taking pictures and videos of Bumblebee as it stomped its feet and flailed its arms, although it did not leave its spot. 

Low said: "I was taking lunch there earlier, and I already noticed a big crowd there."

"The open area was often used by performers. Previously, I also saw an old man juggling here, a young lady performing with hula hoops."

A girl was also seen trying to strike up a conversation with the robot.

Watch a video of the story below.