SBS Train employee helps multiple commuters who asked for directions at Little India MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper David

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Stomper David would like to praise a kind SBS train employee for helping multiple lost passengers find their way Little India MRT Station.

David was at the MRT station waiting for his friend at about 4pm, when he saw the proactive employee.

He said: “I was impressed with the train employee because he approached passengers who seemed lost, instead of waiting for them to approach him.

“He directed them to their destination and showed them which MRT train to board or which exit to take out of the station.”

David saw the employee helping more than three people in the short 10 to 15 minutes that he was there.

He snapped pictures of the three incidents he witnessed and sent them to Stomp.

In one of the pictures, the train employee can be seen helping a couple, who were lugging their suitcases along.

“I was so impressed by his willingness to help and his professionalism,” the Stomper added.