Train commuter irked to see woman cleaning and changing boy who had taken 'big dump'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A man was looking forward to a nice meal at home after a long day at work — until he saw a woman changing her toddler's diapers in full view of everyone on the train.

Stomper Anonymous said the incident occurred on the North-South Line on Sunday (Nov 8), at around 11.35pm.

He told Stomp: "I had just finished work and was on my way back home to Sembawang.

"I wanted to go eat nice food but alamak, saw this mother cleaning up her toddler's poo poo when the train was around Bishan MRT station.

"She just suddenly started changing his diapers and pants.

A photo that Anonymous shared shows the toddler standing on a train seat without any pants on. A woman, presumably his mother, can be seen with the trash tied up in plastic bags.

Asked how others reacted to the sight, Anonymous added: "Other commuters didn't do anything but it's very sad to see this kind of things happen.

"It was a very big dump."