Trailer truck hits tree branch and lamp post after allegedly speeding at Fudu Estate

Submitted by Stomper Mark

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Mark was in the garden of his home on Friday (Jun 21) at around noon when he saw a trailer truck going fast along Lentor Rd in Fudu Estate and hitting a lamp post and a huge tree branch.

According to Mark, vehicles always travel slowly along the small 2-way lane but this truck was going faster than usual.

"I think he was going too fast so that when he went over the speed bump, it caused the truck to jump and bring the tree branch crashing down," said the Stomper.

"It had also just rained so it could have contributed to him not stopping in time.

"The incident caused other vehicles to be held up as the driver got out to check the damage before driving away.

"The branch remained on the road but was cleared about two hours later."

Mark added that there was no damage to the vehicle.