Trailer hits wall after slipping down slope at Penjuru Close, driver suffers minor injuries

Submitted by Stomper Dale

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A trailer driver escaped with minor injuries after an accident at 7 Penjuru Close at around 4.10pm yesterday (Feb 9).

Stomper Dale shared with Stomp photos of the trailer, which he said have been circulating online.

The trailer had its front badly damaged after hitting a wall and debris was strewn all over the road.

Stomp understands that the driver had parked his trailer on a slope within a building compound.

While trying to hook a container to the trailer, the vehicle started to move down the slope.

The driver then tried to stop the trailer by entering the vehicle and hitting the brakes, but failed to halt it.

He subsequently managed to escape the trailer, which hit a wall and landed on the road at Penjuru Close.

Stomp understands that the driver sustained a scratch on his left hand and felt pain on his chin.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to a case of causing hurt by a negligent act at 7 Penjuru Close.

Police investigations are ongoing.