TP investigates video of police car beating red light before reversing back to stop line

The Traffic Police (TP) is investigating a video of a police patrol car beating the red light at a traffic junction before reversing back to a stop line. 

A police spokesman told Stomp:

“Traffic Police is currently investigating the incident.”

The video has been circulating on various Facebook pages, such as SG Road Vigilante, and shows the police car crossing a yellow box at a traffic junction before stopping in front of pedestrians who were crossing the road.

singapore police force patrol car beat red light

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youtube link :

Posted by SG Road Vigilante - SGRV on Monday, 4 June 2018

The incident appears to have been captured on a dashboard camera of a passing vehicle.

The patrol car is then seen reversing and stopping after a stop line.

According to the timestamp in the video, the incident happened at about 10.55pm on Monday (Jun 4). 

It is unclear where this happened. 

Many netizens have commented on the video.

A Facebook user said:

“They are humans too. Humans will make mistakes.”

However, others were less forgiving.

Another Facebook user commented:

“Ownself fine ownself.”

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