Toyota C-HR driver tries to tailgate Stomper at Hougang Parkview carpark, but fails miserably

Submitted by Stomper Jo

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Stomper Jo was exiting a carpark at Hougang Parkview at 1.25pm yesterday (Jul 17) when he caught another driver trying to evade the parking fee.

In a video Jo shared, a grey Toyota CH-R is seen following closely behind Jo's car.

The Toyota then reversed after Jo stopped his car.

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Jo said that this was not the first time he encountered such drivers in this carpark.

"I saw this Toyota trying to follow me out of the HDB gantry to get free parking," he said.

"Happened to me twice already in this carpark, but they were all different cars.

"They usually wait at a corner before suddenly accelerating when they are near the gantry."

In this instance, the driver of the Toyota C-HR did exactly that.

"At first I saw the car waiting at a corner, but I don't know if he was actually waiting to pick someone up or something," said Jo.

"But after I passed by his car, he came out.

"He started slow but then suddenly accelerated when nearing the gantry."

Instead of just leaving, Jo wanted to let the driver know that his actions did not go unnoticed.

"I got out of my car and pointed to my eyes, as a gesture to tell him that I'm watching him. But no rude gestures or anything la.

"He then reversed and I waited for about five to 10 minutes at the entrance to see what he would do, if he would do the same thing to other drivers. And I was also checking to see if I got the video of him.

"But I didn't stay to see what he did after that because I was with my child and we were going to buy food."