Town council says pavilion in Tampines is allowed after resident complains that it's 'unauthorised'

Submitted by Stomper DQ

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Tampines Town Council has clarified that the pavilion built at Block 489B Tampines Street 45 is allowed after receiving complaints from a resident who deemed the pavilion as "unauthorised".

Stomper DQ informed Stomp about the pavilion on Thursday (Aug 27).

He also shared some photos and told Stomp: "There is this mega unauthorised building structure right in front of the bus stop.

"The building does not blend into the estate. If someone can build such a big object in front of a bus stop, then everyone can start to build anything they like anywhere."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Tampines Town Council said: "The mentioned structure has been part of the neighbourhood for many years, and the town council is aware of it.

"In principle, the town council does not allow residents to construct any unauthorised structure in shared spaces.

"When advised to remove the pavilion, the residents appealed to the town council and our Members of Parliament (MP) repeatedly.

"After many rounds of discussion, we acceded to the residents’ appeals to retain the pavilion if they meet our requirements.

"The pavilion must be well maintained, must not become a mosquito breeding ground, and must not be an obstruction to others.

"The residents also agreed to open the pavilion for public use to promote neighbourliness.

"Through the years, many of our residents have been using the pavilion for their gatherings.

"The town council will continue to monitor the case and make sure that the residents adhere to the above arrangements.

"Otherwise, we will proceed to remove the pavilion when necessary."