Town council responds to Stomp about man who allegedly 'reserved' ofo bike at Woodlands block

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Stomper Anonymous caught a man allegedly 'reserving' an ofo bicycle at Block 164 Woodlands Street 13 at around 9.30am on Wednesday (Jul 4).

In videos shared by Anonymous, a man in shades is seen lugging an ofo bicycle away. 

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Then in the next part of the video, someone is seen coming from the same direction the first man was seen walking towards, retrieving an ofo bicycle while holding a bolt cutter is his hand.

And near the end of the video, the man who allegedly 'reserved' the bicycle is seen "coming back to look for his bike".

Anonymous said: "This guy intended to reserve the ofo bike at the staircase and he does not even stay here.

"I know he does not stay here because this flat only has four levels and I know my neighbours well.

"Why is he even parking it here when there are lots meant for it right downstairs?

"He even secured the bicycle with a lock.

"If he wants to do that at least not at the inconvenience of others la! He had blocked the staircase, what would happen if there was a fire and people need to escape?"

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson from Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council said: "We had removed the bicycle from the stairway following a resident’s feedback on Wednesday, July 4.

"Bicycles – public or private – left at stairways constitute obstruction and pose a trip hazard to the residents. In this instance, the bicycle belongs to a shared-bike operator.

"In the interest of public safety, the bicycle was removed instantaneously from the stairway and returned to the yellow box, in the void-deck, designated for parking."