Town council responds to flooded lift lobby at Yung Kuang Road block

Submitted by Stomper Maw

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Stomper Maw had informed Stomp that flooding had occurred in front of his unit at Block 175B Yung Kuang Road in the Jurong West area at about 4.30pm on Tuesday (Sep 11).

In a video taken by Maw's wife, the floor is seen covered entirely with water.

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Maw said: "I am worried that the residents there might get electrocuted because the flooding is near the electrical riser.

"It's situated beside the door that is seen in the video, I've opened it to check before because being an electrician, I'd like to know where all the electrical components are located."

In response to Stomp's query, a Jurong-Clementi Town Council spokesman said: "We have checked and found that the flooding was due to the overflowing of the rainwater downpipes during heavy downpours and the washing of the water tank.

"To prevent the recurrences of the flooding issue during water tank washing, we have instructed our contractor to control the gate valve of the flush out pipe so as to minimise the flow of water that is carried from the water tank into the rainwater downpipes.

"We will also be carrying out flushing of the rainwater downpipes to ensure no chokages will occur.

"We have explained to the feedback provider on the cause and follow-up actions and will continue to monitor the situation closely."

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