Furniture and clutter at Woodlands lift lobby due to 'chronic dumping issue': Town council

Submitted by Stomper Daniel

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Sembawang Town Council has responded after a resident shared his concerns about the amount of trash and clutter left at the lift lobby at Block 693D Woodlands Avenue 6.

Stomper Daniel alerted Stomp to the incident on Wednesday (Aug 19) and shared photos that he took of the clutter on the eighth and tenth floor of the block.

"These photos were taken last week, shortly after the clutter was left there," Daniel said.

"Look at the abandoned furniture and sofa!  

"Whoever threw their stuff away like this is very irresponsible.

"Most of the residents here are neat and well-behaved, so I'm shocked to see the block being treated like this."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Sembawang Town Council said: "Block 693D Woodlands Avenue 6 is a Housing and Development Board (HDB) rental block, and has a chronic dumping issue.

"Our cleaners are tasked to check the blocks in their charge twice a day for overflowing litter and bulky items.

"We do not have records of residents calling in to report the uncleared rubbish.

"Our cleaners spotted the spillovers at the central refuse chute hoppers and the abandoned sofa set on Monday (Aug 17).

"They were all removed the next day.

"Our cleaners have been reminded to conduct the routine checks diligently.

"We also urge residents to contact the town council for assistance when removing bulky items instead of dumping them at the common area."