Sembawang Town Council reminds residents to burn offerings responsibly after some caught burning paper outside bins

Submitted by Stomper LM

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Sembawang Town Council has reminded residents to burn offerings responsibly after a resident shared her concerns about other residents burning offerings outside designated bins which left a 'huge mess' at Block 467A Admiralty Drive on Wednesday (Sep 2).

Stomper LM informed Stomp about the incident that occurred at about 6pm that day. She also sent photos of what happened.

"I saw a group of residents gathering near the fitness area and they started arranging a high stack of praying papers on the ground.

"They left the place with the papers scattered all over the area.

"Subsequently, at about 9pm, they started lighting the papers up and left the whole stack of papers to burn.

"There was a huge fire which might have caused unnecessary harm to the residents in the area.

"There is nothing wrong with praying or burning offerings during the Hungry Ghost Festival, but they should have used the dedicated offering bins provided.

"There was a huge offering bin right next to them, why couldn't they have used it?

"Isn’t that safer? The town councils have also advised residents to use the offering bins provided.

"There was also a huge mess after that. It was sad to see such irresponsible citizens."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Sembawang Town Council said: "The remnants of the burnt offerings have been cleared on Thursday morning (Sep 3).

"Before the start of the 7th month, posters and notices were put up in our estates to seek residents' cooperation to burn their offerings in a responsible manner.

"After the incident on Wednesday (Sep 2), we have also put up additional notices to urge residents to be more considerate when burning their offerings."