Town Council cleaner ownself supervise ownself? Before you judge, read his inspirational story

'Ownself supervise ownself?' That was the joke a Town Council cleaner became the subject of after a notice of his job roles went viral.

The notice showed that the cleaner, Moktar, was also the cleaning supervisor for a block under the supervision of the Marine Parade Town Council.

After the image went viral, the cleaner became the butt of netizens' jokes, who wondered why he was both the supervisor and cleaner.

However, Marine Parade Town Council made a post on their Facebook page to explain more about Moktar, and his unusual work roles.

In their post, Marine Parade Town Council said that Moktar, a conservancy cleaner, has been working with the organisation for the past five years.

He is both the cleaner and cleaning supervisor for Blocks 120 to 134 at Geylang East Central and Geylang East Avenue 1.

Moktar reports his progress to his site supervisor daily, said Marine Parade Town Council.

The Town Council also said in the post: "Moktar is aware of his overnight online sensation.

"When asked about how he feels working in the estate, he said that he is pleased to serve our residents and will continue doing his best to upkeep our estate.

"Truly our unsung hero."

The post also had a quote from a resident of Geylang East Central, Mrs Veronica Wong, who said this of Moktar: "Moktar is a polite and hardworking man. Together with his team, he always ensures that the estate is kept clean."