Town council asks Simei resident to remove furniture from common corridor after Stomper's complaint

Stacks of furniture, including seven fridges, outside a unit at Block 136 Simei Street 1 have been removed, a spokesman from East Coast - Fengshan Town Council told Stomp today (Dec 20).

Stomp had reported on the situation on Dec 19 after Stomper Julie complained about the bulky items blocking the common corridor she shared with her neighbour.

She told Stomp that the clutter was a fire hazard and that she was concerned for her own personal safety.

"My life is at risk," she said. "If a fire breaks out, how am I supposed to run?"

The town council spokesman said that they were aware of the issue and served notice immediately after the complaint was lodged by Julie on Dec 18.

"We have requested the resident to remove the items by the next day which she complied," she said.

"We appreciate her prompt cooperation as it affects fire safety."

The town council said that it is working with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) closely and would appreciate if residents can be more considerate especially during the year-end festive period and upcoming Chinese New Year.

It added that it offers free disposal service for up to three bulky items per month per unit.

"We encourage residents to engage us directly regarding similar issues so that we can better assist them," she said.