Town council apologises to woman hit by ceiling board that fell from Yishun sheltered linkway

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Nee Soon Town Council has apologised after a woman was injured by a gypsum board that fell from a sheltered linkway in Yishun.

Facebook user Ernest Tan posted about the incident that occurred near Block 272 Yishun Street 22 on Tuesday (March 1) and said his mother had been walking by when the board fell on her.

He also shared photos of his 53-year-old mother bleeding.

When contacted by Stomp, Tan said: "The ceiling board was pretty long, so she was hit on the head first, then on her shoulder."

Tan's mother was subsequently taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to have her wound cleaned. She also had a CT scan.

"She still feels the pain from the abrasions and has bruises," Tan added.

Tan's Facebook post was shared over 900 times but has since been removed. In it, he had written: "Buy 4D also not so 'zhun' (accurate).

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Nee Soon Town Council said: "We are aware that a resident was injured by the gypsum board that fell from the sheltered linkway near Block 272 Yishun Street 22, and we deeply apologise to her and her family for the incident.

"Our staff and volunteers are keeping in close contact with her and her family, and we will provide any help necessary."

The site has been barricaded for safety while the town council's building contractor conducts thorough checks and rectification work, said the spokesman.

(Photos: Nee Soon Town Council)

The spokesman added: "Our Estate Ambassador Team has also been deployed on site to help ensure the safety of our residents.

"Upon receiving the call for assistance, our Property Officer rushed to the site and rendered support to the resident and her family.

"Separately, in the social media post in question, there is an email reply by one of our Property Officers on 17 Feb 2022 stating the dislodged ceiling board has been fixed.

"We would like to clarify this was for another portion of the sheltered linkway. Additional works had been arranged upon further clarification with the feedback provider.

"Nee Soon Town Council is committed to the safety of our residents and we will further enhance our processes.

"We again extend our sincerest apologies to the resident and her family for the incident. We will render the necessary support and wish the resident a speedy recovery."

Tan told Stomp that town council staff visited his family on Wednesday (March 2). He is currently liaising with the relevant parties to reach a peaceful resolution.

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