Town council addresses resident's concern over 'fire hazard' at Yishun senior citizen's corner

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Nee Soon Town Council has responded to a resident's concern over a potential 'fire hazard' spotted at Block 108 Yishun Ring Road.

A Stomper informed Stomp he spotted piles of cardboard at the void deck of the block near Chong Pang Wet Market and Food Centre.

"People smoke, drink and gamble there 24 hours a day," he said.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman from the town council said:

"The mentioned area is actually a senior citizen's corner where our seniors do gather and bond at the seating areas. 

"There are some old folks who collect cardboard boxes to sell.

"At times they place the cardboard boxes at the seniors corner while they go around to collect the rest.

"Town Council shares the public's concern on potential fire hazard and have requested them not to place them over extended period of time.

"We will also monitor on this. 

"During our routine checks around the estate, we did not observe any gambling at the seniors corner. 

"Nevertheless we would like to take the opportunity to remind residents that gambling at the common areas is not allowed.

"If the public observe any of such activities at the common area, they can report to the police."

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