Tourist kicks over 10,000-year-old stalagmite in China cave -- in seconds

What nature took thousands of years to grow, this man managed to destroy in a few seconds with just three kicks.

A video circulating online shows the male visitor committing the heinous act at a cave in Songtao County, Guizhou Province during the public holiday on Jun 29.

He first dealt two kicks to a stalagmite, then delivered a final blow that caused it to snap right off.

The man was also seen pointing out what he had done to a companion.

According to Sina News via Shanghaiist, local police said that the man would only receive a 'lecture' about his inappropriate behaviour and a 500 yuan fine if caught.

Angry netizens have requested that the punishment be harsher in order to fit the crime, and were even more upset after learning that the stalagmite is probably over 10,000 years old.