Toh Guan resident advised to clean up clutter after mosquito breeding concerns

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A resident who left numerous containers out at the foot of Block 274 Toh Guan Road has been advised to clean up the area, said Jurong-Clementi Town Council.

Stomper Anonymous shared photos of the clutter and expressed concerns about the area being a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The photos show multiple containers and pails left out in the open on the ground floor of the block. Some of the containers can be seen filled with water.

Anonymous told Stomp: "This has been going on for a few months and I have informed the authorities, but the situation persisted.

"It's a serious matter and I've been using mosquito repellent for the past few months.

"Action needs to be taken against this kind of inconsiderate behaviour."

In response to a Stomp query, Jurong-Clementi Town Council said on Tuesday (July 14): "We have inspected the area today and have advised the resident to clean up the area."