To driver who hit my car at Tanjong Beach Walk carpark, own up or I'll let police handle the matter

Submitted by Stomper Faizal

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Stomper Faizal was dismayed when he parked his car at an open carpark at Tanjong Beach and returned to find it damaged yesterday (Sep 17).

He said he had arrived at around 8.15am, parked his car at lot number 8 and then gone for a picnic at the beach.

When Faizal returned at about 12.15pm, he noticed a dent with blue paint marks and a few grazes on the left of his front bumper.

The Stomper added: "There was no apology note and I reported the incident to the police later that day, for them to review the CCTV footage at the parking lot which is fortunately in clear view of my parking space.

"I do not wish to pursue this matter with the authorities and would instead like to settle it amicably, if possible.

"If the offender happens to read this, please be made known that I am a reasonable person. If you happen to read this, please come forward for an apology and maybe a small compensation for the damages. No grudges will be held. 

"If there is no response, I shall let the police look into the matter."

If you are the one involved in the hit-and-run incident, please contact Stomp at or WhatsApp us at (+65) 9384 3761. Your details will be kept confidential.