Tipsy GrabShare passenger thanks driver and fellow rider who lent him a hand

Submitted by Stomper A

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Stomper A would like to express his gratitude to a Grab driver and a fellow passenger who helped him out when he was tipsy.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night (Dec 25) when he was on a GrabShare ride from Stickies Bar to his house.

GrabShare is a carpooling service that allows you to share the ride with another person who is headed in the same direction. It is typically cheaper than a regular Grab ride.

A recounted what happened: "I was on the way back home and feeling really tipsy. I wasn't really in a conscious state but I knew what I was doing #abit, so the Grab uncle helped me by passing me a plastic bag.

"The other passenger, a generous kind lady C, helped me by giving me a sweet that really lowered the alcohol in my system.

"This is a note to thank her: 'Thank you for helping me on Wednesday night. it was really nice of you to help. May God bless you, Stranger C.'

"I want to tell people who are reading this that doing something good and kind towards others may mean a lot to people.

"It might not just put a smile on someone else's face but on your own too.

"People should be more friendly towards others.

"Have a great day, everyone."