Timely discovery leads to narrow escape for woman at Lim Chu Kang cemetery: "I could have died"

Submitted by Stomper Fazidah

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A routine visit to the Lim Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery turned dangerous after Stomper Fazidah and her family stumbled upon a wandering cobra.

The incident happened at Block 26 of the Lim Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery on Sunday (Nov 5) at around 11am. 

Fazidah recalled her harrowing experience to Stomp:

“I first noticed some movements in the bushes.

“Then I heard a hissing sound and spotted the cobra's hood.

“I was so scared that I started shivering and couldn't move. 

“I prayed for my safety and that of my family.

“My legs started moving again and I quickly fled.”

Fazidah then walked over to her husband, who was shocked by her pale complexion.

Said Fazidah:

“He told me I looked like I saw a ghost.

“I told him that I saw a snake, and he quickly led our children away.

“We move a distance away before he took a photo of the snake.

“If it wasn’t my lucky day, I could have died.”