TikToker writes song about craving fried sotong heads, Old Chang Kee sends her whole box

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Sep 10, 2022

What is a girl to do if she wants sotong heads, and there are no sotong heads?

She can make a song about it and put it online.

And what is Old Chang Kee to do if a customer wants their squid sticks so much she breaks into song?

They can send her some.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Except the sotong of course.



♬ original sound - emmarae

Netizens are charmed by TikTok user Emmarae’s outpouring of affection for the snack.

“When I look through the glass the one I want is gone,” she croons, strumming a ukulele. “Sotong head, where are you?”

Cuter love hath no video online, at least for the fried cephalopods.

The 50-second song was posted on Thursday (Sept 8) and had attracted some 9,000 views in two days.

She said the message was for Old Chang Kee alone, and within hours it had got through to them.

In an update posted on the same day she said they were sending across her beloved - a whole box.

@emmuhraeee #stitch with @emmarae ♬ original sound - emmarae

The Year 1 Temasek Polytechnic student said she was at co-curricular activity training when she got the message.

“I just started screaming," AsiaOne quoted the 17-year-old, whose full name is Emmarae Sabigan, as saying.

It’s even possible that a chant demanding “sotong song, sotong song” could be ringing out on Orchard Road soon.

That's because Emmarae has just got her busking licence and was planning to perform opposite Ion Orchard on Sunday, with more of her original tunes and covers.

You’ll have them eating out of your hands, Emmarae.

Or heading for the nearest Old Chang Kee.

@emmuhraeee THANK YOU @oldchangkeesingapore ♬ original sound - emmarae

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