TikToker surprised bus didn't stop for her at bus stop: 'I have to put my hand out, is it?'

How did she not know?

A woman waiting at a bus stop did not put her hand out when the bus came and was surprised the bus did not stop for her.

TikToker abercado made a video about the incident with the caption: "So done with Singapore bus culture I don't know."

In the 36-second video posted on May 6, she said: "I'm trying to make sense if this is my fault or what."

She explained that she had waited nine minutes for bus service 2.

"I'm like 'Okay, I'm just going to stand there and wait'," she said in the video, indicating the side of the road.

"Is it my fault that I never put my hand out? Because the bus just, just, just move, just drove away.

"Huh? Can like that one meh? I stand there is not enough. I have to put my hand out, is it?'

"I never take bus. This is why I hate taking bus. That's why I always take MRT."


The video has since garnered more than 125,000 views.

One netizen commented: "It's like saying you stand there expecting a taxi to come to you to pick you up. No, right? You put out ur hand to flag the taxi what. Same logic."

Another asked: "When you're alighting from the bus, do you think the bus will stop just by you standing at the door without pressing the bell?"

A TikToker named YourBusCaptain, who is an actual SMRT bus captain, commented: "No wave, no stop."

Soon after the first video, abercado posted an eight-second video showing a bus approaching the bus stop and her putting out her hand "just in case".

The video then cuts to her sitting on the bus with the declaration: "It's a success!"

@abercado pt.2 of bus driving off without me, ok fine #ministryoftransport ♬ original sound - bak chor mee

Two days later, abercado uploaded another video, where she just said: "Okay, guys. I just wanted to rant, but now the whole TikTok is telling me to wave."

@abercado Replying to @YourBusCaptain ♬ original sound - bak chor mee

Lesson learnt.


TikToker abercado has made another video in response to this article.


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