TikToker grateful to SCDF for rescuing friend trapped in toilet for 2 hours

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At least she had water.

A TikToker is grateful to Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for rescuing her friend who was trapped in the toilet for two hours.

Local singer-songwriter Yanni Ruth Chin, also know as Yan, posted a 94-second video on TikTok on Monday (Sept 12) about the incident involving her friend Mandy. The video has more than 22,000 views.

She called the video "'Up Close With Yan: 2 Hours 2 Long ft. SCDF".

@pootpootyan Thank u @Singapore Civil Defence Force for letting Mandy sleep on the bed tonight #scdfsg #ourheroes #SCDF #Singapore #tiktoksg #stuckintoilet ♬ Comedy (Funny Playful Tuba Pizzicato Clown Music) - Eliosmusic

The video starts with Mandy's eye looking through a hole in a door where the door handle is supposed to be with Yan narrating: "'Okay everyone, current situation: the time now is 2.30am and we have been trying to unlock this door for about one and a half hours, close to two hours."

Pointing to another door with the handle intact, she said: "This is how it looks like, okay."

Pointing back at the door without the handle, she continued: 'We can't unlock it from the inside and we can't unlock it from the outside, but we tried to take down the entire handle."

"Which is this," said another woman, named Tiffany, pointing the camera at the detached door handle.

Yan continued: "'We just called SCDF because we really, really can't open the door, really need to rescue Mandy because she has no food."

She added, "Got drinks... tap water," and laughed.

She then offered Mandy a drink from a packet by sticking the straw through the hole in the door and said: "Blind taste test. Can you guess what this drink is?'"

From the other side of the door, Mandy can be heard saying: "Ice lemon tea." She added that she was not going to brush her teeth.

The video then shows Yan wiping her nose with a tissue and saying: "Meanwhile, I'm having a very bad sinus. Tiffany is having a very bad headache. So we obviously can't make it work. We need to wait for SCDF."

Three people in SCDF uniforms eventually arrived and broke open the door.

Mandy came out of the toilet and someone said: "Welcome back." 

She replied: 'It was two long hours."

The video ends with the subtitle: "Thank you SCDF for rescuing Mandy out of the toilet, she can sleep on the bed tonight only because of you guys."

When contacted by Stomp, Yan declined to share more details about the incident.

In the comment section of the TikTok video, she said: "Before we called SCDF for help, we called multiple locksmiths but were unavailable/too long, and we also tried opening it ourselves or else we wouldn’t."

Several netizens commented that it was a waste of emergency services.

One said: "SCDF should probably start charging people money instead for this kind of service if not, people misuse it and not call a locksmith to save the money."