TikToker disgusted by woman feeding dog with restaurant spoon, tells staff to throw away spoons

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Feb 15, 2023

“It’s so gross.” 

A woman took to TikTok on Monday (Feb 13) to share her disgust after she allegedly witnessed a dog licking a spoon at an eatery in HortPark. 

Abigail said she was having her Valentine’s Day dinner when she noticed a woman feeding her dog using the restaurant’s spoon. 

A video she posted, however, does not capture the incident, as Abigail said it happened “too fast”. It shows only a group of five people at a table, with two dogs.

@abibeautyvlog Eww! She fed her dog with restaurant spoon.It's too fast, so I couldn't capture it in my video, no cap. I told restaurant mgr they must throw away those spoons. #disgusting #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #singapore #eww #omg #fypsg #funny #disgusted #sgfood #sgrestaurant #dogowners #comedies #yucks ♬ original sound - abigailng

She added that while the staff at the restaurant did not witness the incident, she raised the issue, urging them to “throw away those spoons”.

Her revulsion, though, was not shared by one netizen, who felt she was being “too paranoid”. 

In response, she said that being a dog owner, she has seen dogs lick their behind and eat their faeces.

According to the Environmental Public Health regulations, animals brought into any licensed premises where pets are allowed should not be fed with any crockery, utensil, container, receptacle, appliance or implement that is or will be used for the consumption of food by a human.

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