TikTok video calls out MRT passengers for not giving up seat for injured man with crutch

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Who would you give up your MRT seat for?

A pregnant woman? A parent carrying a baby? An elderly person?

What about a young man with a crutch and one foot in a brace?

The latter did not get a seat in a five-second TikTok video that said: "We have an injured man and no one is giving him a seat."

@claudopottol3g3nd calling u guys out at 1045pm on 7th july travelling on NSL from bishan to amk none gave up seats eh #fyp #tiktoksg #train #mrt #singapore ♬ 芭比q了 - 邓家忠

It was posted by a TikTokker named seedoe,  who wrote: "Calling you guys out at 10.45pm on July 7 travelling on North-South Line from Bishan to Ang Mo Kio."

But the injured man, who appears to be in his 20s, seemed to be rather cheerful about it in the video, which has been viewed more than 140,000 times.

A number of netizens commented that if he wanted a seat, he should just ask.

A few were less sympathetic.

One pointed out that if only the injured man were older, things would be different.