TikTok user goes viral for sharing brutally honest review of cruise to nowhere

Staycations and cruises to nowhere have increased in popularity since Covid-19 hit.

Unfortunately, expectations do not always meet reality for some holiday-goers.

TikTok user Yvonne Ling decided to go against the grain and share her honest experience after taking a cruise to nowhere with Royal Caribbean Cruises in two parts.

Her videos have gotten over 621,000 and 323,000 views respectively.

While many of us have experienced wanderlust scrolling through our friends' picture-perfect social media posts of their cruise vacations, Yvonne chose to show the real deal.

This included a three-hour wait to take a Covid-19 antigen rapid test (ART) before boarding the ship.


Things to note before you book a trip on a cruise to nowhere ##travel ##cruise ##royalcarribean ##singapore

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She also lamented that almost every activity required booking or significant queueing and waiting for her turn.


PART 2 IS HERE!! You get suntan while waiting for your turn to get into the pool (with mask on) ##travel ##cruise ##royalcarribean ##vacation ##singapore

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According to her, guests could only enjoy 10 minutes in the pool and a four-minute bumper car ride. She also waited an hour to try rock climbing.

While many netizens lauded her honesty, others said they were satisfied with their own cruises and that she was probably unlucky and had booked her cruise at the 'wrong time'.

In response to those who accused her of being "negative", Yvonne shared what she loved about the cruise in her latest TikTok video.


Those who complain say I negative, here’s the good part la hor, stop complaining ITS A GREAT VACATION  ##travel ##cruise ##royalcarribean ##singapore

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Free-flow food topped her list which also included the indoor flying experience and great shows.