Thug life cat sneaks into home -- and eats owner's pet cats' food

Submitted by Stomper Amiz

A cat sneaked into Stomper Amiz’s 10th-storey flat at Block 91, Henderson Road yesterday (Jun 4) at around 8pm. 

The cat, a tabby, showed no signs of fear, proceeding to eat from the cat bowls that Amiz had set aside for his five pet cats.

According to Amiz, the tabby was quite fierce, and his cats went into hiding upon noticing the intruder.

It stayed for a few hours, before leaving at around midnight.

Amiz, a professed cat lover said:

“I think the cat belongs to someone.

“My son told me that he has seen it loitering on the 4th storey before. 

“I wouldn’t mind adopting it otherwise.

“I hope she finds the way back to her owner soon.” 

This comes in light of another incident reported by Stomp earlier, in which a cat broke into a HDB resident's home.