Flooding on Thomson Road caused by rainy weather? No, it's a leaking pipe

Submitted by Stomper Adeline

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Was it due to the wet weather?

Thomson Road was flooded on Saturday (March 25), but it was not caused by rain but a leaking underground water pipe.

Stomper Adeline shared a video of the flooded road in front of the SPC petrol kiosk and Thomson Medical Centre.

She asked: "Ponding or burst pipes?"

Taken from the upper deck of a double-decker bus, the video shows vehicles splashing through the water and leaving a wake behind them.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for national water agency PUB said: "A pipe leak occurred at 327 Thomson Road (towards MacRitchie Reservoir) on the evening of March 25, which resulted in water accumulating on a 50m stretch of the road.

"To facilitate repairs on the leaking underground pipe, PUB worked with the Land Transport Authority to direct traffic and close two of the three lanes.

"All lanes were reopened before the morning peak traffic on March 27."